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Sonata for Piano and Violin ‘Illuminated Tales’
The Refuge of Your Eyes, for Cello and piano
Music for solo piano

 Illuminated Tales  Old Flemish Melodies and Dances 
Sonata for Piano and Violin (1936)for piano (1941-3)
'Eulogy of the Inner Life'8Prelude1'05
1I. Andante religioso (Part I)6'489Chicanery0'48
2II. Appassionata (Part II)5'1310Tenderness0'34
3III. 'Funeral Stele' : Andante sostenuto6'3411The Shepherds1'34
4IV. 'The Temptation of Saint Anthony': Allegro vivace5'5912The Virgin0'42
5This Night be Gentle to You for piano (1939)2'3713Effrontery0'40
6Paraphrese on 'Mijn Moederspraak' (My Mother Tongue) by Peter Benoit for Piano (1934)
I. Solemne
II. Murmurando/con fuoco
14Noble Titles1'00
7The Refuge of Your Eyes
for cello & Piano (1946)
11'4715Village Ways and Customs0'32
16The Mouse 0'30
17The Savoyards0'57
18The Lansquenets of Burgundy0'58
19Albrecht and Isabella1'31
21The three Kisses1'41
22Complaint at Twilight1'29
23The last worker0'33
25Campine Folklore0'33
26The Lumberjacks1'41
27Miniature for Little Aunt
for piano (1947)
28Canzonetta for violin & piano (1953)3'01

Piano: Kiyotaka Izumi, Violin: Eliot Lawson, Cello: David Cohen

Total time: 70’44

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